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Galleries, Artists and Collectors (Individuals) can upload Artwork on the website. This is then reflected in the Artist’s profile. Once the Artist has registered as a User on the website, he is able to see all works uploaded under his name on his personal page. An Artist can confirm by pressing “Authenticate” on each Artwork and claim it as his own and the website will add a timestamp.

As Artist can authenticate only his own work and can only do this by first completing the Registration process. MAG does not authenticate Artwork. It provides the Artists the ability on the website to tag an Artwork uploaded under their own name only as authentic and painted, sculptures, photographed or produced by themselves and claim as their own work. MAG is not responsible for the accuracy of the information, Content or the authentication provided on the website. Artists are responsible for managing their own account and updating the information. If the artist realizes that their account has been misused by anyone or inaccurate information uploaded, the artist must inform MAG in writing at the earliest.