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To Gallery,

MyArtGuide is a platform with different functions, the main objective being to build a comprehensive database of local artists and to document their work. This platform allows Galleries, Artists and Collectors to upload their work and is designed to provide benefits to encourage them to do so.

The platform is not an online gallery and does not take any commissions or charge for the services. The platform does provide Users access to art available with participating galleries and allow them to communicate directly with the gallery on the platform. This is to encourage galleries to upload their work whilst getting access to a larger audience. We believe galleries play an essential role in the development and promotion of an Artist and therefore our platform is designed to support local galleries.

Communication between Artists and Users is not possible on the platform. Please note that MyArtGuide does not get involved in the buying or selling in any way. A calendar of upcoming events and exhibitions in the country is also available on the home page.

To make gallery selection completely non-biased and independent, gallery accounts are automatically created if they have held 10 public exhibitions or more per year in their own country and have a proper physical gallery. If you would like your name to be removed, please reply to this email instructing us to do so.

A short user tutorial video on the platform can be seen on the Videos link on the website.

We would like to invite you to start contributing to add to the database. If you would like to make your work available on the platform, please send us an e-mail. To help with the development of this platform, for Artists and Galleries that contact us during this initial period of the launch, a dedicated person will help with your entire setup and upload of artwork with very little resources required by anyone else.

We believe that building an independently managed, centralized database of art is essential for the growth of any art market. Cataloguing will help appreciation in the value of art which can be hindered due to the introduction of copies and fakes. MyArtGuide is not an authenticator of artwork but another tool to enhance transparency in the art market.

If your country has not been added, please send us an e-mail and we will add it. We hope, with your help, this platform will be able to make a positive contribution to the art community in your country and we look forward to hearing from you.

MyArtGuide Team